You Shop - We Share

It's simple. Every time you Shop with School & Sports Wear we Share 10% of our Profits with your Local Community, School or Sports club. Every single transaction results in a profit-share. Our annual Donations are used to fund community projects, alongside school and sports equipment. We Donate 10% of our profits to Partner Schools and Clubs every year. 

For example, when you buy a school jumper or school tracksuit, your child's school receives 10% of the profits from that transaction. In spring time, we add up all the school wear purchases for your child's school and make an annual donation.

Another example is sports clubs who partner with School and Sports Wear. Club members shop for club gear and sports equipment and in return their club receives an annual donation. This money is then reinvested into your local club. 

We are all about WIN-WIN ! Purchasing school uniforms and sports wear contributes to your child's school, your sports club and ultimately your local community. We believe in Local Business supporting Local Communities. 

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